Feb 14,2019 / Daily News

How can 3D Printing industry make your St.Valentine’s Day unforgettable?

Technologies are an essential part of our lives. If you still think that 3D Printing, CAD design and laser cutting totally wouldn’t be handy for you this on St. Valentine’s Day and going to the shop to buy the same flowers and chocolate bar as you did last year, you are missing out.

St. Valentine’s Day is one of the most special holidays of the year. On this day everyone is looking for unique, personal and meaningful presents and that’s when 3D industry opens its door to unlimited opportunities.

   If you can imagine it, you can manufacture it

There are almost no boundaries for your imagination with CAD Design. You can find a specialist who will create for you one of a kind jewellery, accessory, statuette or decorative objects. Problem of wondering around shops looking for something special you have on your mind is solved.

CAD designed ring for St.Valentines Day


Adjust the size, engrave an inside joke, add elements to an old beloved thing…anything to make your present one of a kind fit for your one of a kind people! Possibility of making your gift customised will make it unforgettable and special.

Customised “LOVE” decoration


Say NO to “darling, I can’t afford this”! Another significant benefit which 3D printing industry brings to you on St. Valentine’s Day is flexibility and range of market choices.

For example, platforms like 3DCompare.com help you to choose material, manufacturing technique and producer to get the best price possible.

3D printed bouquet of roses


3D printing and other modern ways of manufacturing including laser cutting, CNC Machining, metal casting would save you time on desperate shopping. Place an order for your present and get it designed, manufactured and delivered on the day of your choice.

“Time for love” decoration

Ready to make the best out of your St. Valentine’s Day?

Contact 3DCompare.com to design and manufacture presents to experience all the benefits technologies bring to you and your beloved ones.