Sep 25,2018 / Architecture

Benefits of 3D Printing Models for Architecture

Architecture companies can use for the 3D visualisation of their models. 3D printing allows architects to make their ideas more tangible. A 3D printed scale will give colleagues and clients a better understanding of your ideas instead of a visualisation. 

Architects can use 3D printing to make show and conceptual models which helps with the visualization of projects. There are two models they can use Low-Cost Architecture Models and Realistic and Detailed Architecture Models. Architects can use Low-Cost Architecture Models during the creative process. These models can be made fast and cheap to help with the productivity and the identification of problems that are occurring during the project. The second model that can be used is a Realistic and Detailed Architecture Model. This model is used to promote the project in a way that is visually striking and accurate for the customers or investors. The use of both these models can have benefits for architects. 

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3D printing enables you to reduce the cost up to 75%. This will eventually make the most out of your modelling budget. Low-cost high-quality models can be used to print several different stages of your project at the price it would have been to create one stage.

Concepts could be tested faster, which helps with the identification of potential issues that would be harder to spot on computer simulations. The 3D physical perspective is helping numerous architects to save money on costly mistakes that are related to volume and the general structure of the building.

It also allows you to work with a range of different materials and printers. Allowing you the freedom to choose your priorities. If you want to keep the costs low you can simply use cheaper materials and cheaper printers.
An example of a 3D printed project that would have been much more expensive to do by hand was the model of the forbidden city for the Ming exhibition in Amsterdam. This scale model of the forbidden city was done by two 3D printers.


3D Models are stronger than traditional handmade models so they can withstand much more weight and complicated designs. Bringing you more security before a large event and reducing an additional cost from it breaking.

Using 3D Models are allowing you the opportunity for a full range of designs with a high amount of detail. This could be from a range of different materials and finishes. This enables the printing of accurate and vivid architectural models of a high resolution. This high resolution is possible because of the wide range of materials with different properties and textures and multi-colour 3D printing. The highest quality models will require some touching up as with most of the colouring painted on.

More complex and structured models are now being made that would not have been possible with more traditional methods such as domes and arches.



Traditional modelling can take a long time to put together, sometimes even up to several days. Architects can print these same models now within a couple of hours. There are multiple different 3D printers always available on 3DCompare ready to print when you need one.

 When customers change their mind you can easily make modifications where needed. A new model can be printed. It’s possible because of the speed of 3D printing.This also applies if you have a new idea or made a mistake.

Also, specific designs that were out of the ordinary can be carried out by providers on 3DCompare who have the specialist printers to carry out that task. Architects could use the help of advisers to help carry out specific tasks in the most efficient and cost-effective way. 

Examples of the speed can be found from modelling firms that are cutting their delivery times down from weeks to days and even hours.


3D printing puts you in a better place to communicate your ideas to the investors and customers. The reduced price and high quality allow you to communicate your ideas to the maximum.

Architects can make 3D models for different stages of their projects. These models could also be interactive which allows potential investors to have a closer look.  

The highest quality of models will be especially useful to make a strong impression. An example of this is a Dutch company Tinello enables the 3D printing of someone’s future kitchen enabling interior designers to effectively communicate their ideas.

If you are interested in trying to 3D print your design, you can always have a look at 3DCompare. On 3Dcompare you can find different types of printers and materials to print your next 3D print.

If you’re building something cool and need parts for it,
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