Mar 04,2019 / Daily News

Kickstarter-gem: start business with

The rapid growth of technologies has shaped the way companies do business on a day to day basis and will certainly influence how you start your new business. It makes a future of how we create, produce and buy goods fast-paced and ever-changing. sets and brings the future to your company’s doorstep. Get ready to face it! is a kickstarter-gem for anyone looking for design, product development, prototyping and manufacturing for their newly developed business. We bring the benefits of digital fabrication and 3D printing to everybody.

We look to guide you through your production decisions, by making comparisons, material choices and manufacturers accessible and easy to understand and ultimately break down the barriers to physical product manufacturing supports creators with design, tools and services, access to advanced production technology from 3D printing to CNC Machining and laser cutting.  Why 3DCompare?

Saves your time and resources!

  • Our trustworthy design/tech specialist would always be at your service – no need for an on-site team
  • We take time management hassle off your shoulder – no need to spend time on planning, manufacturing & delivering
  • With us, you won’t be struggling with the capital layout –  no need to invest in onsite technologies such as laser cut, 3d printers
  • Long-term solution equals long term stability – no need to look further as with our white-label platform your company would be in a secure partnership indefinitely.


Provides you with All-in-One service!

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Control
  • Delivery is a powerful tool developed to empower companies, designers and manufacturers alike. Are you ready to kick-start with us? Get in touch today!