Sep 25,2018 / Jewellery

How 3D Printing works for Jewellery Companies

3D printing can enhance the productivity and efficiency of jewellery companies. There are two ways to create 3D printed jewellery where you can enhance the productivity of your company. The first method is to use various materials, such as metallic plastic and directly create your jewellery. The other way is to make a cask for the production. Different materials such as brass, bronze, silver or gold can be poured into this cask.


3D Wax Printing example on Shapeways.

The first thing that you need is a 3D file generated with special 3D modelling software. There are a range of different software’s from beginner-friendly free modelling apps to advanced programs for professionals.

Once the 3D file is uploaded then the 3D printers will be ready to take that file. The file will be used to make a mould out of wax-like resin. A plaster model is then made from the wax mould. It’s from this plaster mould that the molten metal can be poured into.

The wax mould makes it possible to have symmetrical and identical designs. This could not be achieved with handmade jewellery. At the end, there is always the possibility of finishing the jewellery by hand.

A key benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the production or human error as the whole process is run by a computer program. The design can easily be with a 3D printed plastic first prototype. Any changes that are needed, can be done by changing the file


Jenny Wu’s necklaces are 3D printed in flexible nylon for comfort and durability.

Jewelry designers who want to bring their creative ideas to life can do that with the help of 3D printing. They can create unique, intricate and complex designs that would have been a lot harder to do by hand. These designs could always be finished by hand and giving that extra care for the customer.

The designs could be created and directly be 3D printed out within a few hours. The STL file (3D file) could be easily uploaded and the printer will bring the design into reality.

3D printers can be used to make different kinds of designs, unique alternative pieces but also personalize designs for customers.

The jewellery can come at a more affordable price because of the many people who are sharing their designs on the internet. This is allowing companies to put their own unique style on their own brand.

If you are interested in trying to 3D print your design, you can always have a look at On you can find different types of printers and materials to print your next 3D print.