Jun 07,2019 / Industry Trend

Benefits of 3D printing for the sex toy industry

benefits of 3D printing for the sex toy industry?3D printing provides many benefits, for the consumer and the manufacturer. Manufacturers have the advantage of creating customized products for their customers with increased efficiency, cutting costs in the process. Consumers can receive a product tailored and designed to their own needs, often at a cheaper price compared to products produced using other manufacturing methods.

This is where the 3D printing of sex toys comes in.

The production of sex toys is surprisingly suited to the capabilities of 3D printing, particularly due to the customizable nature of 3D printing, leading to the creation of artisanal sex toys. Considering that you can own a 3D printer within your own home, you can also design and produce your 3D printed sex toy anonymously without having to trek to a sex shop, avoiding the potential embarrassment that some people may understandably fear. Manufacturers can also provide a sex toy service that offers customizable products with 3D printing, providing an edge in their products over the standardized sex toys currently in the market.

The sex toy industry operates via innovation, updating its products with the latest technology to provide the best experience for its users. It has already capitalized on the benefits and new technological capabilities of 3D printing to improve the creation and use of sex toys. In 2012 – seven years ago – customers at the 3DEA store in New York could have their penises scanned and 3D printed as a dildo. Since then, the development of 3D printed sex toys has blossomed, thanks to the rapid prototyping capabilities of 3D printing enabling swift R & D processes for small design studios. For example, companies like Standard Innovation have used 3D printing to increase the revenues of its sex toys by £30 million in 5 years. Many 3D printing startups are using technology to create innovative vibrators with new designs and approaches. And the consumer base is vast, due to the large demand of tailored sex toys alongside many users that are currently too embarrassed to purchase sex toys – this has also drawn a flock of 3D designers and engineers towards the industry as well. 3D model repositories like Cults offer a selection of 3D printed sex toy files created by its designers on the platform.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to utilizing 3D printing for producing sex toys, mainly revolving around hygiene and safety. Non-smooth surfaces lead to the build of bacteria in crevices, as well as rough and uncomfortable finishes. However, steps can be taken to ensure sex toys can be 3D printed using safe materials and post-processed to ensure they are smooth and non-porous.

Significantly, many people do not own a 3D printer, and despite the possibility of being turned on by a customized sex toy, many are turned off by the investment needed for the hardware. 3DCompare, the on-demand manufacturing platform, provides a solution to help produce your sex toy(s) for you, whether you’re a manufacturer looking to produce them in bulk and cash in on the booming market, or an individual looking for a tailored piece for your bedroom. Provide us with the CAD file for your desired sex toy, whether its some handcuffs, a vibrator, dildo, or other types of toy, and we will connect you with a manufacturer from our global network of verified additive manufacturers to produce the part for you, depending on your location, requirements and price.

You can source the 3D file online, since there is wealth of material available online from designers, as previously mentioned. For the ultimate customizable toy tailored to your requirements, you can design the 3D file yourself. However, you may not be proficient with 3D design – no worries, as 3DCompare also provides a CAD Designers service, where you can provide us with a concept, or specific details regarding measurements, and 3DCompare will find a freelance CAD specialist to design the file for you. You can use the 3D file to print the sex toy yourself, or utilize the 3DCompare 3D printing service to finish the job.


3DCompare also has a wide selection of safe materials compatible with the production of sex toys – polished ABS coated with silicon is a recommended option that 3DCompare can help provide. Furthermore, the total solution offered by 3DCompare means that we also offer post-processing options on our platform. So we can ensure your sex toy matches your design intentions, with a smooth surface for the best and most safe experience without the presence of crevices.


Of course, 3DCompare understands that, by utilizing our platform, the idea of anonymity may not apply, and many individuals may fear embarrassment. We can also appreciate that asking us to design specialized sex toys for you includes revealing personal information that some may not want to disclose. We support and respect your choices whatever they may be; 3DCompare comprises of an open, diverse and transparent community free from judgement and welcoming to all.