About Us

3DCompare is an online platform to compare prices and solutions for the On-Demand Manufacturing Economy.

Based in the UK, our mission is to provide the growing on-demand manufacturing market with a trusted and transparent site using the right tools and resources to get high-quality objects at the best prices for our customers.

Our world leading on-demand manufacturing platform offers a wide range of technologies and materials for any company to make their digital products a reality – ranging from 3D Printing, CAD Designing, CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, and Laser Cutting – whatever the part, we will find the best method for you.

We aim to become the go-to website for on-demand manufacturing services, which is why we’re working on creating the biggest database of manufacturing partners, ensuring users find the right manufacturer to get their product made.

As well as our on-demand manufacturing service, you can also gain access to the latest on-demand manufacturing news and insider tips and tricks, all at 3DCompare.com