How It Works

Simply upload your file, select the materials and compare prices instantly!

How Our Platform Works

Here at 3DCompare, we provide a comprehensive on-demand manufacturing platform for your desired parts, covering everything from design, 3D printing to post-processing.

Start by uploading a CAD file for your desired object, and receive an instant quote for 3D printing it. Compare prices for the part within seconds of uploading the file – we will also provide analysis of your uploaded CAD file to check for any issues and repair them for you.

You can select from a wide range of over 200 materials for your part, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the product you want, as well as access to our verified manufacturing partners from around the world.

If you come across any problems, our customer service team will be on hand and happy to help, with quick responses to all of your enquiries, whatever they may be.

Once satisfied with everything, you can expect a quick turnaround time from quote to delivery when using the 3DCompare on-demand manufacturing service, with products delivered at a time that suits you.

Worried about your data? Feel protected knowing your information is stored securely as part of our privacy policy.
Our Quality Control means that you can rest assured we will provide you with your order to the highest quality.

How the 3DCompare Platform works in three easy steps

1.Upload your design
2. We find you the right manufacturer
3.Receive your parts