Bespoke Trophies

On-demand manufacturing solutions for Trophies

INNOVATIVE – Introduce a progressive and new tact into your product development and get a foothold in the emerging market that is soon to be industry gold standards.

INTRICATE – The clean data rendering process has more accuracy than ever before on designs, achieving a superior design quality that beats traditional manufacture methods.

SPEED – Prompt production pace from our trusted manufacturers ensures reduced waiting times with a maintained seal of approval, you will not have to trade quality for time.

ECONOMICAL – Reduced man-hours and labour costs provide the opportunity for huge savings in time and money.

We have a large portfolio working with many clients from international companies to individuals who are already seeing the benefits of working with 3D Compare.

The Process of On-demand Trophies

1.CAD & Design – If you do not have the means to produce the CAD we can create them for you. You need a CAD File manufacture your trophy. Here at 3DCompare, we have a team of in house CAD designers. CAD files are the files which are basically the blueprint to go to manufacture with. Whether you have the files to hand or not, we can edit, repair and create from scratch. Our in house team allows us to make any alliterations at a moments notice of the trophy. There is no disruption to the manufacturing process when working with 3D Compare even with last-minute edits needed!

2.QUOTE – We will give you quotes back from our network of manufacturers. Using different budget methods to get the Trophy you can be proud of.

3. MANUFACTURING – Once you are happy we can start production! We will take care of the quality control and give you regular updates including photo

Industries For Trophies

At 3DCompare we work across all the manufacturing industries such as 3D Printing, Injection Mould, CNC Machining, Laser Processing. we will use our knowledge to find the best fit for your needs

Materials For Trophies

Here are some examples of the materials we work with including:
1. PLASTIC – Every single variant of plastic available in our service whether you would like tough to flexible to see-through and everything in between. Both these and Resin are available for all finishes including painting, colour, sanding & priming.

2. RESIN – This material has really developed over the industry years and is a favourite for high quality, detailed prints while retaining its toughness. Ready to be finished, polished or to any other finish needed.

3. METALS – No limits within our service including our range of metals that we work with. Brass, Aluminium, Steel just a few of the options we provide.

4. GLASS – Something truly unique is our processing of Glass which we can manipulate to your needs. Etchings available upon demand.

3DCompare has many other materials please just contact us

Finishes for Trophies

We work to all finishes some are Plating, Powder Coating, Blasting, Etching, Laser engraving, Polishes, Buffing, & Painting.

Size of the Trophy

Think Big!
Size is not an issue we can manufacture any size you want retaining all details in our process.

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