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Our Providers on our platform specialize in a wide range of different 3D printing technologies and materials bringing you one step closer to making your ideas tangible.



Shapeways is led by folks who've spent most of their careers in startups, and combine serious technical chops with an inspiring vision of what the world could be. We’re bringing together a passionate, dynamic team of game changers. We're having a great time working and playing harder than we ever have in our lives. It doesn’t hurt to know that what we do is changing the future as we know it.



i.materialise is an online 3D printing service, community and marketplace for creative people. i.materialise believes that people feel the need to express themselves, more than ever before, in this world where standardization is the rule. More and more individuals are looking for original ways to add personal touches to their lives, to differentiate themselves, and to make the world around them a little bit more their world.



Sculpteo provides professional online 3D printing and laser cutting services for on-demand production of prototypes, individual products as well as short-run manufacturing. Sculpteo provides access to a wide range of materials, finishes, and techniques, as well as superior optimization tools for file analysis and repair. With factories in Europe and the United States, Sculpteo offers fast turnaround and worldwide delivery.



Proto 3D is a London based 3D printing service. Proto3D provides services like SLA, prototyping, low volume production, model making, architectural models, dental and jewelry castings. We help designers, engineers, students, architects, startups, and more to bring ideas from paper to reality. Design and 3D modelling service available.


Bibs Polishers

The team of experts at Bibs Polishes Jewellery Workshop offers jewellery design, manufacture and repair services. We work with trade and private customers to create elegant jewellery in a range of designs. Bibs Polishes Jewellery Workshop is a well-known name in Hatton Garden, with clientele all over the UK. In today’s cutting edge market where time is money, we understand the need to provide a reliable and trustworthy service. We pride ourselves on our standard of work and our staff are highly experienced. Using the latest technology, we design and manufacture timeless jewellery for all occasions. No job is too big or small for us so don’t hesitate to stop by our workshop to speak to our experts.


Homeworks 3D

If you need one, or tens of thousands of parts, we can 3D print it! We have the lowest prices when it comes to 3D printing, all while being made in the USA. In education or a nonprofit? We have special discounts to help you innovate more!



EPPS is a company 100% owned by Pošta Slovenija, founded in 1998. At present, EPPS has 54 employees and is the largest printout centre in the region with a monthly printout of over 8.5 million postal items in various types and formats. We also offer other solutions for simplifying your business: Billing as a Service, Remote Printing services, E-invoices, E-archive and innovative 3D Printing Services.


The 3D Printer Experience

The virtual and physical worlds are converging in exciting ways. 3D printing technology is changing the way we create and manufacture in much the same way that the Internet changed the way we relate to information.We believe new opportunities should be available to everyone! 3DPX is a benefit corporation—our success is about more than the bottom line. 3DPX provides access, and community to people from all backgrounds so no one is left behind and so everyone can benefit from the possibilities. We work with some of the largest companies in the world as well as individuals with great ideas that are looking to create something unique. 3DPX was born in 2013 in a popup store. We’ve grown and you can find us in a centralized storefront space at 333 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. We are proud to be one of the premier additive manufacturing and design hubs in the country. We focus on being at the forefront of technology and bringing the highest quality results to all of our clients.


Ninja Prototype

We partnered with professional factories in China dedicated to different aspects of prototyping and low volume production. We currently have 20 SLA machines, 50 FDM machines, 4 SLS machines, and a factory specialised in urethane casting and CNC. We also work with major carriers such as DHL and EMS to provide the accelerated international shipping of 2-4 days with low price.



JawsTec is now happy to offer a 3D Design Service for its customers. We have in-house designers that will create a 3D CAD drawing for you for a 3D designing fee and when you sign up for our JawsTec 3D Design Service Agreement we will offer a voucher to go towards the purchase of your products so the designing fee has a better return on the investment than anywhere in the industry. We want to bring your product to life. You send us your ideas sketched on a piece of paper, a rough 3D CAD drawing, or just detailed instructions for the part and we will create the 3D design and ship a prototype of the part to you in a matter of days. We are the best in the business when it comes to getting our products to our partners quickly. We design, create and produce.

Our Material Partners

Become a Material Partner

Our Material Providers manufacture a wide range of different filaments which help with your 3D printed creations.


Technology Outlet

Technology Outlet is a dedicated importer and online retailer of 3D printers, filaments, scanners and other 3D printing parts. Based in the UK and trading since 1998, we pride ourselves in our commitment to bringing this fantastic technology to thousands of innovative new adopters. We provide tech support via phone, email and online chat. We are the official UK distributor for Raise3D, Flashforge, Wanhao, Creality3D, Occipital, Flexion, Micro-Swiss, 3DLac.



Filoalfa passion for new technologies and decades of experience in the extrusion plastics bring us every day to a single great goal: create 3D printing filaments with excellent qualities. Filoalfa strive to offer our customers a high performance filament in terms of dimensional tolerances, colours, mechanical properties, repeatability, and 100% Made in Italy with excellent value for money.



We have chosen you the best European manufacturers' print wires. With this range of materials, you're doing almost anything. Filamall also does not close its eyes that the manufacture and use of man is a global problem. Oil is not a durable raw material and plastic waste collection is not yet good. Finland and Europe are better than somewhere else, but it is not allowed to prevent us from doing it right. Let's be one part of the solution, not the problem. That is why we always offer a durably manufactured or recycled option.

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