Spare Parts

On-Demand Manufacturing options for spare parts

Spare parts are integral to managing supply chains in a business, or to help to keep your personal items working. They are kept in the product inventory of businesses as replacement pieces to be interchanged with units that need repairing or that have failed completely. Or, individuals can keep spare parts for a multitude of items in the event of a breakdown, like cars, computers, cameras and more. 3DCompare, the leading on-demand manufacturing service provider, compiles quotes from its global network of leading manufacturers and provides a fast and accurate way to source spare parts for your business or individual needs.
Spare parts help keep equipment working in the event of a breakdown, where it would otherwise take a long time to source a repair, and thus leads to the smooth operation of business supply chains/everyday life. Through our on-demand manufacturing platform, we can help build your spare part warehouse so that you’ll never have to worry about equipment failures or repairs, ensuring the delivery of high-quality spare parts customized to individual requirements, straight to you.
Browse our database of manufacturing services, that includes 3D printing, injection moulding, CNC machining, laser cutting and more, to create spare parts tailored to your individual needs, whatever the application, time specifications and cost. We also have a huge collection of materials for you to choose from, enabling the production of spare parts with specific properties so you can be sure you can get the spare parts you need.

3D Printing Spare Parts

Additive manufacturing enables the on-demand production of spare parts that are sold out or not even in production. Many businesses are storing spare parts within digital inventories, safekeeping a hoard of digital blueprints and CAD files rather than actual spare parts themselves, cutting significant costs in the process by only producing the spare parts on-demand, with short production times.
You can utilize the 3DCompare on-demand 3D printing service to produce spare parts when required with your CAD files, saving the costs of ordering more than you need and storing them yourself. If not operating through a business, 3D printing still provides the benefit of creating customized spare parts that are intricately detailed and tailored for specific contexts where standard 3D printed spare parts are not available or sold out.
The options for 3D printing your spare parts are varied: Stereolithography (SL) uses an ultraviolet laser focused to turn liquid thermoset resin to solids. Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a nylon-based powder to achieve similar results. With direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), atomised metal powder is welded into a solid. Multi Jet Fusion relies on the selective application of fusing and detailing agents across a bed of nylon powder. PolyJet, as the name implied, is a jet spraying liquid photopolymer onto a build platform. Visit our 3D printing technologies resource to help understand the benefits of each method.

Plastic Injection Molding Spare Parts

The traditional method of making jewellery – principally done through the pouring of a liquid metal alloy into a casting mould. The casting mould is created by melting a wax model to leave a hollow chamber in the middle, in the shape of the desired object – a technique referred to as lost-wax casting. Adopted for thousands of years by jewellers, metal casting allows for the precise reproduction of original jewellery pieces. 3DCompare offers metal casting services so you can create jewellery using a method that has been championed throughout history, ensuring reliability.

CNC Machining Spare Parts

CNC machining is geared towards final production materials. You can utilize the method for the production of a spare part if you’re seeking a process that can replicate the final product with the ability to hold tight tolerances. There is a wide range of materials that can be used in the process, including high-quality metal and plastic parts. Compared to additive manufactured spare parts, CNC machining will allow the use of true production grade materials, with intricate details, dimensional accuracy and critical surface finishes

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