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See how can get you the best deal for your 3D-printing project. is a search engine for the 3D-printing industry. Our Price Checker searches hundreds of 3D-printing service providers and materials at once to help you find the cheapest price for your 3D prints. Compare prices, turnaround times, materials, and shipping costs across the biggest database of 3D-printing services, including Shapeways, Sculpteo, and iMaterialise. We are continuously adding to our database to get you the lowest cost for your 3D-printing project. With our all in one 3D Printing widget and our website we are able to give a very specific price to your clients. Set up your price within 10 minutes and you are ready to go. Many 3D printers and materials at your disposal, which makes it easier to set yourself up.

1Surface Area

The surface area is made up of the whole surface of the 3D print. You will always know which product will fit your machine. It’s important to know how much space a certain part takes up so you can charge clients the right amount. This will help you with getting the right orders, that will fit your machine. It will assure you of getting wrong orders and having to contact the customer.


The price it would take to produce one unit of the 3D printed product. This is good to know when there are more products that are going to get printed. So the customer knows how much it would cost order one unit of the product. You can easily add this in your own dashboard and it will be calculated on our website.

3Minimum order

This is the smallest amount that needs to be achieved to print a product on your service. The minimum order set up makes it easier to know how much a customer needs to buy or they will just need to pay the minimum order. This assures your business security.

4Setup Price

This is the cost of setting the 3D print up. Knowing the setup price is getting one step closer to the right price for your services. This can be beneficial to you but also your customers to have a view of this.

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Set your price

Set up the right price easily in 10 minutes and you are ready to go